Premises Liability Attorney in St. Petersburg

Premises liability is a category of personal injury claims which involves many different types of accidents. The typical premises liability claim that people usually think of is the “Slip & Fall”, or “Trip & Fall” claim. These of course, refer to the type of claim where someone slips on a wet or slick surface, or trips on an object, falls down and gets injured. However, there are many types of premises liability accidents which could lead to a personal injury claim for negligence.

The basic idea of a premises liability legal claim, stems from the rule that a property or “premises” owner or business, has some obligation to maintain a reasonably safe premise for its visitors or customers. This is what is called the “duty of care”. When that duty of care is breached, the owner or business can be held legally responsible for the injuries and damages which result. This is an important point, because many people mistakenly believe that any premises injury will automatically make the property owner or business responsible. That is simply not the case. There must be some negligence involved for a viable legal claim to exist. There are so many possible legal theories of liability, and so many potential pitfalls in a premises claim, that having an experienced premises liability lawyer on your side as soon as possible after an accident is of the utmost importance.

There are many types of premises liability cases

There are so many types of premises liability accidents, that it is impossible to list them all here. However, most stem from either slipping on something slippery and falling down, or tripping on something unexpected and falling down. This often occurs in a store, hotel, amusement park, other public building, or even parking area where the public is typically invited to be a customer, do business, or what lawyers call be an “invitee”. Injuries also often happen when items fall down off of store shelves, or, for example, from a damaged structure, and someone is hit with some debris. Premises liability claims can also stem from injuries while visiting someone in their private home, condo, mobile home, or apartment building. Sometimes these claims are brought against the homeowner, and sometimes against the homeowners’ or condominium association. This, of course, depends upon the particular circumstances of the claim.

The types of injuries one generally associates with premises liability incidents are quite varied, but include: broken wrist, broken ankle, broken finger, back injury, back pain, hip injury, knee injury, neck injury, head injury, shoulder injuries, and many others. In many premises liability injury cases, surgeries are required to repair the damage.

Suing for a Slip & Fall, Trip & Fall, or any other premises liability claim can be very involved and quite complicated. It is important to have a qualified premises liability lawyer on your side.

The types of damages often include past and future medical and surgical bills, past and future lost wages, property damages for things like broken eyeglasses, torn and damaged clothing, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and more.

Suing for a Slip & Fall, Trip & Fall, or any other premises liability claim can be very involved and quite complicated. It is important to have a qualified premises liability lawyer on your side. We are a St. Petersburg personal injury law firm that has helped many clients settle and resolve their premises liability claims in a favorable manner. We always offer a free consultation for any personal injury claim, and you will pay no attorney fees to us unless you win a settlement or verdict in your claim.

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